About car rental

What are the requirements for car rental?
We need your driver’s license.
Please note there is no car rental service without driver’s license.
Are beginners allowed to reserve rental cars and drive? (less than a year driving experience)
Yes, they are. Please bring the beginner driver’s sticker.
Can I drive with an international driver’s license?
Yes, you can. We need to see your international license and passport.
We may need an international license with Japanese translation depending on the country you are from.
Please see here for more information.
I’m not quite sure how to use car navigation system.
Not to worry. We’ll give you an instruction of how to use it such as destination setup, map code, entering phone number and other basic operation.
Please note that unfamiliarity with car navigation system is not considered as reason for late return.
Do you provide ETC card?
No. we don’t. Please bring your own ETC card.
Is there mileage limit?
There is no such limit or any additional charge for extra mile.
It doesn’t matter how far you go. Enjoy driving!
What if I return a car late?
You must let us know if you are coming back late. You can return it by 20:00 at the latest.
If you don’t return it by 20:00 for that day, you can return the following day after 9:00. In that case, an additional charge of one night will apply.
For those scheduled to fly, please return the car at least one hour prior to scheduled departure time.
We encourage you to return the car as early as possible allowing for airport congestion especially over the busy holiday weekends (the Golden week or New Year’s).


Can I choose a car?
Yes, you can. We have company policy to provide you with a car you choose on available basis.
(Car you choose may not be available for the day you schedule due to being already booked by someone else, or its unexpected accident or trouble. In that case we will provide you a car in similar class or an alternative to one you booked.)
Can I make changes to the reservation or cancellation?
For changing reservation and cancellation, please notify us by telephone.
Cancellation fee applies if cancellation is made less than one week prior to the scheduled date.
Is it possible to pick up or drop a car outside the business hours?
Our business hours are from 9:00 to 21:00. Please contact us for services outside the business hours.
Do you do airport pickup?
Yes, we do. We operate private airport super limousine service, which means you don’t share the ride with anybody else.
We hope you enjoy a ride from the airport to our location although it’s short ride.
I’m not quite sure where I can meet you at the airport.
You’ll be at the arrival lobby on the 1st floor, get out from Exit 4. Our staff will meet you there.
We’ll pick you up at the airport according to your flight schedule you entered on your reservation form.
Please notify us in advance if there are any changes made to your flight schedule or delay.
Is it possible to pick up or drop a car outside your location?
Yes, it is. Please feel free to contact us regarding time and place. We can discuss the arrangement.
Can I reserve a child car seat?
Yes, you can. Please add it to your car reservation.
Please see age & weight chart below.
  By article 71, section 3.3 set forth in Japan’s Road Traffic Act, child car seat is mandatory for children under 6.
Please note that if you don’t make a child car seat reservation or bring it on your own, no rental service will be provided.
Approx. Age Weight Height
Infant seat 0 month up - 12 months Up to about 10kg Up to about 75cm
Child seat 6 months - 4 yrs Up to about 18kg Up to about 75cm
Booster seat 4 - 6yrs Up to about 32kg Up to about 75cm
Are pets allowed on board?
Yes, they are. Extra charge will apply. Please bring your own pet cage.
For safety reasons, keep your pet secure in the car with the cage at all times while driving.
Please place the cage in the storage area of the car.
Please note that, in case of damages caused by pet such as scratches on the seat, bad odor, fallen hairs, clean up fee or non operation fee may apply.
Guide and assisting dogs are allowed on board.


When do I make payment?
We ask for upfront payment. Any extra fee will be paid after trip.
Do you take a credit card?
Major credit cards are accepted.

In case of accident

I got an accident while driving. What should I do?
In case of an accident, don’t panic, stay composed in doing the necessary accident procedure or you may not be insured otherwise.
Note that if settlement outside the insurance is made on the scene, you’ll not be able to claim it
  • What constitutes rental car accidents?
    They are all the accidents that cause damages to cars including at-fault accident, single car accident, hit and run…and such.
    Please note that car theft during parking or break-ins are not considered an accident so that the insurance will not cover them.
  • Repair will be done at customer’s expense.
    • ・ For the injured

      When someone got injured in the accident, call an ambulance as soon as possible and take necessary actions for the injured.
      Go to nearby hospital immediately and see a doctor if you experience any sign of discomfort.

    • ・ Move the car

      After the accident, move the car out of the way to avoid traffic congestion and another accident.

    • ・ Report to police

      Call 110 and report the accident.
      Please note that you must complete TRAFFIC ACCIDENT REPORT for insurance claims.
      Failure to do so means that you will not be covered.

    • ・ Collect accident information

      Don’t fail to collect information about the accident; WHEN, WHERE and HOW it occurred, name of the investigating police on the scene and so on.
      Obtain contact information (name, address, telephone number) from the other party, if any.

    • ・ Contact us

      Never fail to contact us or you will not be able to claim insurance otherwise.
      Okinawa Premium Rent a Car at 098-858 0003
      Hours: 9:00 ~21:00

      To contact outside our business hours.
      Directly contact the insurance company’s accident center, and contact us the following morning. Contact information below. Aioi Nissei Dowa Sonpo at 0120-024-024
      Daido Kasai at 0120-091-161

    • ・ After the accident

      Car rental will be discontinued at the time of the accident. (Some exception may apply depending on situations).
      We sincerely ask you to follow our direction and to act accordingly. Your cooperation and understanding would be very much appreciated.