BMW Z4(Miyako)

The joy to run through.
The retractable hardtop opens and closes in about 20 seconds with complex movements. For safety and to protect the mechanism, it cannot be operated while the car is running.
Of course, the visibility when the roof is closed is greatly improved compared to the soft top of the first generation.
There are no lies, "Two special seats and 10 considerations." as catalog says.
You can put a bag behind the seat, and you can also store a golf bag and skis through the center console from the luggage.
It has evolved into a more attractive model with a retractable roof, a large wide LCD panel, and a full range of comfortable equipment such as iDrive, which allows you to operate the HDD navigation with just the dial at hand.
Option / Interior
Interior space information
Recommended number of passengers
Estimated accommondation Carry-on size 2
Baggage size

H650mm W400mm L270mm

Machine spec
Steering Right
Engine displacement 2500㏄
Fuel type Premium
Price list

July, August and September campaign price☆

Rental period Price
One night 38,000 JPY(Tax Included)
Two nights 64,000 JPY(Tax Included)
Three nights 90,000 JPY(Tax Included)
Weather forecast

How to Rental

Miyako-island branch

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