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Porsche Boxter

The best premium sports car that will captivate your heart.
Once twist the key which is only allowed for the owner with your left hand, 2.7 litter water-cooled flat 6 engine will definitely captivate you to the precise mechanical sounds. Please enjoy the world of real sports that allows cruising while humming at speeds of over 250km/h in Germany. Despite being a real sport, the smooth ride is comfortable, and the cornering is even faster and more stable. For those who want to use this deep world as a daily foot, it is no exaggeration to say that not only the driving performance but also the ride comfort and ease of driving are clearly improved than any past Porsche.
Interior space information
Recommended number of passengers
Estimated accommondation Carry-on size 2(small)
Machine spec
Steering Left
Engine displacement 2700㏄
Fuel type Premium
Specification Previous model
Price list
Rental period Price
One night 38,000 JPY(Tax Included)
Two nights 64,000 JPY(Tax Included)
Three nights 90,000 JPY(Tax Included)
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How to Rental

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1443-5 Hiraranishisato, Miyakojima City, Okinawa Japan 906-0012

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