Porsche Cayenne (Miyako)

Standard SUV
A super SUV that combines high-level sports performance and off-road driving performance, Porsche "Cayenne" Equipped with a V-type 6-cylinder 3.6L engine, generating a maximum output of 300 horsepower. The Cayenne is Porsche's first SUV. Despite being a large and tall SUV, it has on-road driving performance comparable to that of a road sports car, and off-road performance is sufficient. The width of the car is nearly 2 meters, so the rear seats are spacious, and 3 adults can ride comfortably. It provides a spacious space where you can spend a comfortable time. Furthermore, the angle of the backrest can be adjusted in a range of 3° each for the front and rear, for a total of 6°.
Option / Interior
Interior space information
Recommended number of passengers
Estimated accommondation Suitcase 1 - 5
Machine spec
Steering Left
Engine displacement 3,600㏄
Fuel type Premium
Price list
Rental period Price
One night 54,000 JPY(Tax Included)
Two nights 88,000 JPY(Tax Included)
Three nights 124,000 JPY(Tax Included)
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