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In case of the violation of road trafic act during use

offense ticket

(1) Parking violation

in case of parking violation while using the car,You are responsible for immediately visiting the police station that has jurisdiction over the area and completing the payment of the penalty.

Please provide the traffic foul notice and the payment slip / receipt with the receipt stamp when you return the car.

If you do not provide it (if you cannot confirm the payment of the penalty), we will keep the following amount (equivalent to the parking violation fee).

Japanese car 25,000 JPY
Foreign car 35,000 JPY

*In this case, we will return the money, after the provide the traffic foul notice and payment slip / receipt with the receipt stamp.

(2) Speed Violation

Please note that if the automatic speed detector reveals an overspeed, you will be required to appear at the police station in your jurisdiction at a later date.

If you do not know the driver, we will charge the person who filled out the rental documents.

(3) Other violation

Please appear at the police station in your jurisdiction and pay the penalty.

In case of accident / breakdown

It will be treated as an accident regardless of the size of the scratch or dent and the presence or absence of the other party.

If someone get injured, be sure to take the following measures.

Correspondence order 1

If someone get injured, immediately ensure the safety (to prevent a secondary accident), contact the ambulance (119), and take first aid if possible.

Correspondence order 2
police car

Please contact the police (110) and report details of the accident.

After reporting to the police, please request them to issue the traffic accident certificate.

Correspondence order 3

Please contact the sales office

* In case of the accident out of business hours, please be sure to contact us the next morning.

* Please refer the folowing contacts

■In Business hours

Business hours 9:00-20:00

Business hours 9:00-19:00

Business hours 8:00-19:00

Please be sure to contact the above departure office.

■Out of Business hours

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