Volkswagen THE BEETLE Design RED

The car that invite happiness.
Fitted with a large diameter and slim steering wheel to match the classical interior design, The front seats are comfortable with plenty of seat length and width. Despite the round and slanted rear style, the overhead is not cramped even when sitting in the rear seat.
Option / Interior
Interior space information
Recommended number of passengers
Estimated accommondation Carry-on size 3
Machine spec
Steering Right
Engine displacement 1,200㏄
Fuel type Premium
Specification *This vehicle is not convertible type*
Price list

July, August and September campaign price☆

Rental period Price
One night 28,000 JPY(Tax Included)
Two nights 42,000 JPY(Tax Included)
Three nights 56,000 JPY(Tax Included)
Weather forecast

How to Rental

Miyako-island branch

1443-5 Hiraranishisato, Miyakojima City, Okinawa Japan 906-0012

Reception hours : 8:00 - 19:00